The International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC) delegation and Kenyan Ministry of Energy in Nairobi, Kenya hold the first strategic cooperation dialogue on strengthening mutual ties. The discussion  aims at bolstering existing modest relation between the KEBS and International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC)  through institutional framework.

The EU through ISTC has a long history of financial support for projects in 58 countries, benefiting over 76,000 scientist for the last 25 years. The talks centered on how Kenya can benefit and take up the opportunities available through ISTC, by becoming a member.

During the talks, Principle Secretary (PS) for Ministry of Energy, Dr. Eng. Joseph K. Njoroge praised the ISTC for supporting innovative projects that are expected to create business opportunities by launching new commercial joint ventures that link the demands of international markets with the highly qualified scientific talent pool available in Russian and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Institutes.

The ISTC was represented by Ambassador Ron Lehman who is the Chairman of the ISTC Governing Board,  accompanied by  Mr. David Cleave  Chief  Executive Director of ISTC along with other senior officials. Ambassador Ron Lehman emphasized the need for Kenya to take up leadership role for the region. The meeting reviewed the relations between ISTC and Kenya, and focused in measures to consolidate and strengthen development, trade and ties.

KEBS is a Government body offering standards based solutions that deliver quality and confidence. Its mandate  is promotion of  standardization in industry and commerce and provision of  conformity assessment services through testing, certification, metrology and inspection.

The Ministry of Energy in Kenya is one of the key enablers of the Vision 2030 and remains a matter of national priority. It is responsible for energy policy and regulation of electricity and gas reticulation while county Governments are responsible for planning and development of electricity and gas reticulation and regulation. Its goal is to facilitate provision of clean, sustainable, affordable, reliable, and secure energy services for national development while protecting the environment.


author: KEBS