Brief summary of expert mission in Kigali, Rwanda 19-21 April 2018

The ENCO’s consultants met in Kigali, Rwanda during their expert mission in Rwanda the National Focal Point (NFP) of Rwanda Mr. Pascal MUNYANGABE, from Ministry of Defence, Ms. Triphine NYIRARUKUNDO, legal expert from Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) the regulatory Authority of Rwanda, and Mr. Brian SAFARI from Ministry of Infrastructure.

The ENCO team leader highlighted the topics to be discussed during this mission, according to the agenda that was sent in advance to the NFP of Rwanda. He also stressed that the main goals of this mission (and similar ones being undertaken in all P 60 PCs) is to collect information of relevance for guiding the activities on the project. The aim was also to provide first recommendations in the areas of interest, as appropriate.

The Rwanda counterparts explained that RURA, the Rwandan regulatory authority has only recently been established. They also described RURA’s roles and responsibilities and presented the legal and regulatory framework of Rwanda. The explanation regarding the process to draft, approve and adopt regulations was provided and legal documents, including some draft regulations were shared. The review of legal documents and helping to draft regulations is of high interest to RURA.

The Rwanda representatives also presented their activities to create an authorization process for radioactive sources and related regulations. They explained the current process in case of import/export of radioactive sources in/out of Rwanda, as well as their plans for inspections and enforcement measures regarding radioactive material and associated facilities and activities and related regulations. RURA plans to have all radioactive sources in Rwanda registered. There is information available on where the sources are located, and their uses. In June 2018, an IAEA mission is planned to support the installation of the RAIS system.

The Rwanda representatives explained that they do not have yet a storage facility for disused radioactive sources, and that there are plans in place to create regulations and associated arrangements dealing with disused sources or orphan sources.

Discussions and agreements were reached about documents to be sent to ENCO and about next steps of the review of these documents.

The ENCO team leader also presented the objective, the scope and locations where the future events of the P 60 project, where Rwanda is involved, will take place.