Brief summary of the workshop on the preparation of the Regional Field and Table Top Exercises in Lusaka, Zambia from 19 to 21 November 2018

In the frame of the CoE project 60, the Workshop on the preparation of the regional field exercises (FX) and table top exercises (TTX) was successfully conducted in Lusaka, Zambia from 19 to 21 November 2018.

30 experts from 11 partner countries (PC) attended (including two female participants). Four experts of the Consortium (ENCO, SCK-CEN, and STUK) were implementing this Workshop.

The Workshop aimed at discussing all important elements for establishing the framework for exercises:

  • Objective, content and details of each scenarios;
  • Availability of equipment and infrastructure for each TTX/FX;
  • Logistics, roles and responsibilities of participants;
  • Host country’s and Contractor’s team tasks and relevant procedures.

The exercises are foreseen to address a variety of RN related challenges including:

  • Cross border investigations of RN material;
  • Illicit trafficking of RN material on land, sea and air;
  • Nuclear forensics investigation related with illicit trafficking of RN material
  • Radiological crime scene management;
  • Uranium transport.

For each theme, the Contractor’s team presented a general framework as well as a proposal for a scenario, including objectives, roles and responsibilities, equipment, infrastructure, logistics and procedures, etc. The presentations were followed by a plenary discussion with active participation and contribution from all PCs. This feedback supports the fine tuning of the scenarios that will be used for the different FXs and TTXs.

During the first day of the Workshop, a general overview of the planned activities was provided, with a focus on the FXs and TTXs, organization of exercises and lessons learned in comparable FX/TTXs held elsewhere ( by members of the Consortium). On the same day, the nuclear forensics investigations of RN material was presented and discussed. During the second day, the radiological crime scene management and illicit trafficking (land, air or sea) were presented and discussed. Some issues that were observed during the implementation of P 60 were additionally addressed, including detection and prevention of the illicit trafficking on (sometime) not tightly controlled borders and control of the frequent cross border movements of the radioactive sources by commercial companies using those sources. On the last day, the uranium transport and cross border investigations were discussed. The plenary discussion was held to comment on and agree on the scenarios, locations for each exercise and the participating countries.