Summary of meeting with ten representatives of Project 60 partner countries on Thursday 20 September 2018 in ENCO office in Vienna, Austria

Some representatives of Project 60 Partner Countries were present for the IAEA General Conference in Vienna, Austria during the week 17-21 September 2018. The ENCO used this as an opportunity to propose to meet all available representatives of P60 PC, hear their feedback on this project and discuss with them on several topics.

These representatives from Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia were welcomed by Mr. Bojan Tomic the ENCO Director, Mr. Nicolas Delaunay the ENCO team leader on project 60 and by Mr. Vladimir Rukhlo one of the main consultants of ENCO for this project.

The objectives of this project, but also all past events and future events were reminded and summarized by the ENCO. Then, the floor was given to the PC representatives to express themselves about this project. The following topics were discussed. This meeting was followed by a joint dinner.

The participants expressed their appreciation on the implementation of the project so far. Selected Radiological regulators specifically stressed that now, after the first period of implementation (about 18 events took place so far in Partner countries), the versatility of the project and the magnitude of related benefits became obvious to them. The regulators stated that the P 60 is already producing multiple benefits and (much) more are expected before the project is over.

It has been stressed that the appropriate involvement of the regulatory authorities from PC are the key for the success of this project. Some regulators expressed their dissatisfaction that they have been informed a bit late about some P60 events (dates, agenda, topics). In some countries, that creates difficulties because of needs to have all travels approved in advance. It was agreed that ENCO shall communicate the updated schedule of all planned activities on about bi-monthly schedule.

In order to avoid duplication between the IAEA projects and the P 60, ENCO asked the PCs to advise of the themes and activities where such an overlap might occur.