A New Issue of Project 60 Newsletter: Spreading Nuclear Security Culture across Africa

The new issue of Project 60 Newsletter reveals how through advocacy, training and tailored consultations, project countries and their partners help spread a modern nuclear security culture across Eastern and Cenral Africa. The new issue of P 60 Newsletter covers events and activities that took place during the period October 2018 – October 2019.

No other public occasion illustrated better “the useful EU – Africa cooperation in nuclear security”, than the Project 60’s side event to the 63rd General Conference of the IAEA entitled “EU Contribution to International Security Regime – Advances in Nuclear Security in CoE Region East and Central Africa (ECA)” that took place in September 2019 in Vienna. Partner countries from the ECA regions stressed the achievements of Project 60 through case studies of the improvements in nuclear security. The contributions of DRC, Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and Kenya were noted with high interest. By presenting the achievements of P 60 from the perspective of the end users in partner countries, the participants comprehended how the novel approach to the project’s implementation, where sustainability is the highest priority, is leading to tangible and lasting results in this important area.

In March and April 2019, forty three national experts made the 11-day, 10-module journey of the Train the Trainers course, tailored to suit the Project 60 participating countries needs of information and practical skills in a broad set of topics from basic radiation safety and radiation protection measures and management of radioactive sources to prevention of illicit trafficking of radioactive and nuclear material.

Radioactive source management is being a topic in focus during several expert missions to project countries. Experts were able to visit the storage facilities for disused and orphan sources in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana and Zambia to assess the physical protection measures in place and to provide advice for improvement.
A specific group of stakeholders is vital for the spread of a modern nuclear security culture in Africa: young professionals from research, academia and industries in the field of nuclear, as well as university and high school students interested in nuclear science. Since its inception, Project 60 helped several youth initiatives. One of them was the Second African Youth Nuclear Summit in Pretoria, South Africa in October 2019 with nearly 200 students and young professionals from various African countries and international and regional organizations.

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