The Regional Secretariat of the EU CBRN Center of Excellence of Eastern and Central Africa

In Eastern and Central Africa, activities within the framework of the European Union Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Centers of Excellence (EU CBRN CoE) Initiative have been taking place since 2011. With the nomination of a Head of the Eastern and Central Africa Regional Secretariat, the partner countries made a step forward in making their representation and collaboration better structured to allow a smooth implementation of the EU CBRN CoE initiative in the region. Currently, Mr. Joseph Maina, Executive Secretary of the Kenyan Radiation Protection Board is the head of the EU CBRN Centre of Excellence Regional Secretariat for Eastern and Central Africa (ECA) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The following partner countries belong to the EU CBRN ECA Center of Excellence: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

The Regional Secretariat, true to the voluntary principle of the Center of Excellence Initiative, ensures that the partner countries cooperate through their CBRN CoE National Focal Points. All partner countries, members of the CBRN CoE initiative, nominate a CBRN CoE National Focal Point who has the responsibility to set up a National CBRN CoE Team composed of local experts from various bodies and ministries operating in the field of CBRN risk mitigation. The National Teams are responsible for assessing the countries’ needs and coordinating the CBRN policy among the relevant national institutions.

The partner countries represented by the CBRN CoE National Focal Points provide feedback to the Regional Secretariat. The Regional Secretariat analyses the information provided by National Teams, reviews the needs of the partner countries and coordinates the preparation of project proposals that address regional problems. The Directorate General for Development and Cooperation EuropeAid (DG DEVCO) of the European Commission, in his capacity of Initiative’s Decision Making Body, assesses and selects project proposals for funding in evaluation rounds, which take place twice a year.

The Regional Secretariat organizes Round Table meetings for all National Focal Points in the region to coordinate activities, exchange views and to ensure the sustainability of the CBRN CoE network. Under the supervision of the Regional Secretariat and the European Commission, the contracted parties (international organizations, public or private institutions) implement projects jointly with the National Teams. The funding for the projects comes from the EU Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace.  The Regional Secretariat provides logistical support if necessary. The Regional Secretariat, the European Commission and the National Teams carry out quality control, review and impact assessment. Their conclusions and feedback help to improve the CBRN guidelines, the technical support and the management of the network.